To effectively serve our customers worldwide, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification for our ULIS brand and EN 9100 certification for our Sofradir brand.

Our quality management system, which complies with both standards, positions us to:

  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction
  • Continuously improve
  • Manage risk
  • Ensure clear communication
  • Align with legal, regulatory, and other requirements

In terms of our products, LYNRED infrared detectors are used in a wide range of applications. Therefore, we take into account different environmental and lifecycle factors when testing our products and forecasting their reliability and lifespans. We continuously improve our product testing and reliability forecasting processes, including by integrating mathematical models of constraints that affect product lifespans.

Our manufacturing processes include in-line quality testing and inspection. We also use quality assurance standards like 8D to manage and correct any issues that arise. Our goal is to make our products as reliable and robust as possible so that we can consistently bring you the best in infrared technology.