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June 04,2020

LYNRED is turning one today!

One year ago today, Sofradir and ULIS merged to become LYNRED. We at LYNRED would like to thank you - our customers, partners, and suppliers - for being by our side over the past year. We also applaud our employees, who have continued to work tirelessly to bring you...

May 15,2020

Health and safety top priorities at LYNRED

Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented global health crisis. Now more than ever, health and safety are LYNRED’s top priorities. The company is taking proactive measures to comply with government directives and protect workers at its three manufacturing plants...

May 14,2020

How LYNRED is helping contain the spread of Covid-19

In our last article, we explained what thermography is and the different ways it can be used. In this article, we would like to show you how infrared detector manufacturers like LYNRED are helping diagnose potential cases of Covid-19 to slow the spread of the disease...

May 07,2020

LYNRED contributes daily to COVID-19 screening

LYNRED supplies thermal imagers to manufacturers of Covid-19 temperature monitoring solutions worldwide. Thermography plays a vital role in preventing the spread of Covid-19: Thermal imagers are an effective means of detecting elevated body temperature (EBT) and thus...

May 06,2020

Stay by your side

Now more than ever, LYNRED stands with all of its customers, its suppliers and partners. We are taking the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. Two weeks ago, we suspended operations at all of our sites. Since then, we have taken all of the necessary measures to protect...

May 06,2020

What is thermography?

Thermography and, more specifically, infrared thermography, was originally developed for military applications. However, it has since penetrated a wide range of commercial and consumer markets. Infrared thermography can be used in many ways. But before we look at the...