We believe in entering into more than just a simple contract with our suppliers. We are committed to building a true long-term partnership driven by trust and expertise. These values are mission-critical to fostering innovation and improving performance.

Our Purchasing Policy can be summarized in three key points:

  • Rather than procuring our supplies from an endless number of sources, we prefer to focus on identifying and working with the best professionals in each sector and creating a long-term relationship of trust.
  • Involving our suppliers in our projects at the earliest opportunity plays an instrumental role in achieving defined objectives.
  • Our suppliers agree to uphold our responsible purchasing guidelines.

The pathway to superior efficiency lies in close working ties with our suppliers. We take the time to gain a clear insight into the needs and constraints of every supplier. This approach not only accelerates our development cycles, but also provides a greater understanding of our challenges.

We regularly inform our partners of their performance levels and our expectations, as well as cluing them into our mid-term and long-term needs.

Our suppliers are not just handpicked for simply being experts in their field, but for a whole range of equally important qualities.

We take great care to meet all the TQRDCE criteria: