December 14,2021

Climat change : how IR detection in Space will make the difference !

Reuniwatt and LYNRED, represented by Philippe CHORIER, are pleased to present, under the patronage of Systematic, an overview of the role of IR detection in earth observation missions and more particularly in climate change. Get a chance to learn about the two exiting sides of how to obtain and how to use data about the Earths atmosphere and use it for climate change monitoring and mitigation.

June 04,2021

How infrared imaging applications became a key asset of earth observation from space

For the past 20 years, space applications based on infrared imaging has developed significantly. In order to understand how infrared detectors of second generation enabled to open new space applications, Philippe Chorier, Space business development manager at LYNRED, provides an overview of LYNRED space activities and applications.    

April 29,2021

Sometimes big advances come in tiny packages: Discover LYNRED’s 12µm detector range

The ATTO1280 SXGA thermal detector is the latest addition to LYNRED’s 12µm detector range. Are you interested in learning what powerful infrared technology in a tiny package can do for your products and solutions? You won’t want to miss this chance to take a look inside LYNRED’s latest long-range, wide FOV detector with LYNRED product manager Alain Manissadjian.

April 02,2021

Discover how LYNRED contributes to the competitiveness of your business in nowadays growing IR market

Born from the merger of the SOFRADIR and ULIS companies, LYNRED have more than 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling a comprehensive lineup of infrared imaging sensors. Ludovic Brassé, PhD, Key account manager at LYNRED will explain how LYNRED are leveraging our experience to support you throughout the lifecycle of your projects, from development through to implementation.

April 02,2021

Why thermal imaging is an essential asset for Security & Surveillance market ?

Thermal imaging became an integral part of all kinds of surveillance solutions. To better understand why you should integrate this technology into your products, Sebastien Tinnes, global marketing manager at LYNRED, provides an overview of infrared benefits.

April 01,2021

The global infrared market in 2020

To better understand this market and its evolution, we offer an analysis and an overview of the infrared market conducted by Mathieu Bouchet, market analyst at LYNRED for 10 years.

16 min