Development and Integration of new functions in InGaAs imaging

March 28, 2022

The short wave infrared (SWIR) spectral band is an emerging domain thanks to its large potential. Close to VISible/Near Infrared wavelengths, SWIR images interpretation is made easier for the users. In this spectral region, new opportunities can be found in several fields of applications such as defense and security (night vision, active imaging), space (earth observation), transport (automotive safety), or industry (nondestructive process control, food and plastic sorting).

Nicolas Péré-Laperne, senior expert at LYNRED, will present this paper at Spie DCS conference on 3 april 2022.

In the frame of this paper, two different developments of the InGaAs technology addressing emerging fields of SWIR imaging are described: pixel pitch reduction and multi-spectral imaging. In pixel pitch reduction the obvious objective is to increase the imaging resolution without jeopardizing system cost. Multi-spectral resolution deals, on the other hand, with interposition of pixelated filters in the optical path right onto SWIR focal plane arrays (FPA) to enable a real time spectral analysis of recorded SWIR images.

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