Lynred smart thermal imager : a powerful combination of processing and detector technology paving the way to new applications

June 02, 2022

Elodie TARTAS, product architect at LYNRED, will present the new product ATI320 at OPTRO conference in PARIS. 


Lynred is an international leader in uncooled infrared LWIR imager. New developments in recent years have entailed to the launch of ATI320 : a compact-size thermal imaging component with embedded image correction, where the NUC is performed using shutterless technology.

This new product vision aims at addressing the demand of small, low consumption autonomous camera in order to ease customer experience. We will present the architecture and the performances to be expected from this product.

In 2019, the world has faced an unprecedented healthcare crisis, in response the Industry has developped adapted solution to monitor and detect human temperature and fever .

At Lynred, we rose to the challenge in working on ATI320 diversification to turn it into a thermographic imager. This presentation will detail how we managed this tour de force.

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