Scientific missions

Scientific missions

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Scientific missions
LYNRED, a global leader in developing and manufacturing space-qualified infrared detectors

LYNRED is one of the top-tier companies involved in developing and manufacturing space-ready infrared detectors from the near-infrared region to the VLWIR band to power countless space programs and studies. Several programs have already been completed or are still active for various types of scientific missions, including Venus Express (to observe the atmosphere on Venus), Hayabusa2 (to analyze samples from the Ryugu asteroid), ExoMars (to explore Mars) and the Chandrayaan mission (to explore the moon with the Indian Space Research Organization).

LYNRED's ability to mastermind products that fulfil the specialized and demanding requirements of today's space missions is driven by a highly skilled team with extensive experience in the aerospace industry, an extensive track record in coordinating and managing space programs, and leading-edge manufacturing and test facilities geared towards a broad array of space applications, thereby guaranteeing superlative performance and reliability for all the flight models delivered to its clients.

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