Thermal detector for detecting gases

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)
Thermal detector for detecting gases

Optical gas imaging (OGI)
Thermal detectors for detecting gases

Ramping up safety at industrial sites and addressing environmental challenges are major issues for today's society, and industry professionals are rallying to the cause by implementing effective inspection and prevention solutions. The thermal imaging technology can be embedded in fixed and handheld devices to detect gases from a distance that are invisible to the naked eye (such as methane, carbon monoxide and SF6) with the pinpoint accuracy needed to deliver swift and effective remedial action.

LYNRED has drawn on its expertise in the OGI technology to develop thermal detectors that operate in the 3-5 µm and 8-12 µm spectral bands, and which are capable of identifying a gas according to its absorption spectrum using a specific narrow-band filter. These high-performance detectors can spot gas plumes from long distances.

High sensitivity


Broadband spectral range

High image quality