ADAS, Night Vision & Autonomous vehicles

Transport & Mobility
ADAS, Night Vision & Autonomous vehicles

Transport & Mobility
LYNRED, your partner for developing thermal solutions for transport

Advanced driver-assistance systems and collision avoidance systems (foward collision warning - FCM - and active emergency braking - AEB) are important areas for development in the transport sector. Unfortunately, statistics show that 1.35 million people die around the world every year on the roads, 54% of whom are vulnerable road users (sources: NHTSA and WHO).

Active emergency braking systems (AEBs) are not always sufficient to prevent these accidents (source: American Automobile Association). Moreover, statistics show that 80% of accidents involving pedestrians in the US occur in bad light and weather conditions (source: NHTSA and WHO).

Current visual systems combine visible imagers, LIDAR technology, and/or radar to provide information about the vehicle’s surroundings. However, certain factors limit the efficacy of these systems. If there is not enough light, obstacle detection and recognition distances become too small to keep the vehicle and its surroundings safe. Under these conditions, thermal imaging can complement existing systems by helping to detect and recognize an environment in even the most extreme conditions (night, fog, rain).  Applying thermal imagery to autonomous vehicles therefore contributes to sensors’ compatibility and redundancy. Thermal images are compatible with detection and recognition algorithms based on the artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks that are increasingly being used in the transport sector. Information can be displayed for the driver to see or can be directly handled by the vehicle.

LYNRED is your development partner to help you with your thermal vision projects for transport.

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