Health and safety top priorities at LYNRED

Health and safety top priorities at LYNRED

Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented global health crisis. Now more than ever, health and safety are LYNRED’s top priorities. The company is taking proactive measures to comply with government directives and protect workers at its three manufacturing plants in Veurey-Voroize, Palaiseau, and Moirans, France.

In addition to universal precautions and social distancing, which are still in place, LYNRED has taken a number of other steps. Masks are given out at the entrance to each facility and must be worn at all times. One-way foot traffic routes have been mapped out, workstations have been spaced a safe distance apart, and all work areas and equipment are disinfected before and after use.

LYNRED management, HSE, occupational health, and risk management professionals worked together to determine the appropriate measures to put in place. LYNRED also collaborated with other microelectronics companies in the Grenoble area, meeting regularly to share best practices.

LYNRED is limiting the number of people present at its sites by encouraging employees to work from home if they can. This is something the company started doing at the very beginning of the epidemic and will continue to do for as long as necessary. LYNRED rapidly set up the tools its employees need to work together effectively and to stay in constant contact with customers, partners, and candidates.

Agility is more than just a business buzzword. In these uncertain times, a company’s strength lies in how easily it can adapt. Covid-19 pandemic has given LYNRED the opportunity to demonstrate how an agile organization can effectively support its people.

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