LYNRED chosen by the France 2030 investment plan for its IPCEI ME/CT 2026 project

LYNRED chosen by the France 2030 investment plan for its IPCEI ME/CT 2026 project

The Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) is a European mechanism aimed at promoting innovation across strategic value chains and industries of the future through transnational European projects.

The ME/CT 2026 project spearheaded by LYNRED has been approved by the European Commission and received financial support from the French government's France 2030 investment plan.  These achievements bear testament to LYNRED's expertise and leadership in developing and producing high-quality infrared technologies.

LYNRED's ME/CT 2026 project is focused on pioneering two new detector ranges delivering superior performance:

  • The first range includes microbolometers intended for the manufacturing, security and surveillance markets. LYNRED is also developing detectors for such high volume markets as the automotive industry, where they will be a key component in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), which are designed to ramp up vehicle safety in both the short and long terms.This new generation of microbolometer sensors will also be used for energy audits and building inspections as part of the     drive to tackle energy poverty.
  • At the same time, large format SWIR imagers will be subsidized for future satellite-based Earth observation applications. The objective behind these next-generation components is to improve our ability to observe the climate and atmosphere, monitor the planet's natural resources, and measure and quantify air pollutants.

LYNRED will invest close to €111 million in these developments, including some €27 million in equipment. These innovations will mobilize the equivalent of 90 people over a five-year period.

Such future developments reflect LYNRED's determination to pursue its mission of Preserving & Protecting through the infrared technology and harnessing its expertise to help reinforce Europe's independence in addressing the various challenges facing our society.

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