LYNRED contributes daily to COVID-19 screening

LYNRED contributes daily to COVID-19 screening

LYNRED supplies thermal imagers to manufacturers of Covid-19 temperature monitoring solutions worldwide.

Thermography plays a vital role in preventing the spread of Covid-19: Thermal imagers are an effective means of detecting elevated body temperature (EBT) and thus fever—an indicator that a person  may be infected by the coronavirus. Individuals’ temperatures can be taken at monitoring stations equipped with infrared detectors. The technology can also be used to scan crowds in airports, retail stores, and commercial buildings and on public transportation.

With more than two decades of experience developing, manufacturing, and commercializing microbolometer-based infrared detectors, LYNRED currently offers one of the widest infrared component ranges on the market to thermal camera manufacturers around the globe.

LYNRED product formats start at 80x80 and go up to 1024x768 to meet a wide variety of needs.

LYNRED has manufacturing and support capabilities to respond to growing demand from the thermography industry.

And, in the effort to contain Covid-19, our people are more committed than ever to fulfilling emergency orders quickly and efficiently.


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