IRST (Infrared Search & Track)

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IRST (Infrared Search & Track)

IRST (Infrared Search & Track)
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Thermal imaging is perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications in the aviation sector and can be used for landing support systems (EVS) and low-speed taxiing. Thermal imaging can also play an important role in preventing accidents due to its immunity to challenging atmospheric conditions (total darkness, fog, dust and smoke). When conflicts lead to aerial warfare, optoelectronic systems (pods, gimbals, MWS, etc.) increase the chances of a successful mission by automatically detecting and screening multiple targets (aerial threats and ground targets). Thermal imaging gives pilots enriched tactical information and greater intel for engaging targets. For several years, LYNRED has been working alongside the leading organizations in the aerial defense sector in designing and manufacturing a best-in-class range of infrared detectors to fulfil the market's requirements.


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