April 15,2022

The infrared market in 2022: latest news and sure-fire assets

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The health pandemic has been sending shockwaves across the global economy ever since the crisis struck two years ago, and the aftershocks have brought unprecedented changes and upheaval for both individuals and organizations around the world. As the pandemic took hold...

April 11,2022

Infrared technology powering the aerospace industry

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Although public opinion might think that the infrared technology has only really been used for space missions since 2005-2010, it has actually played a fundamental role in space programs dating back several decades. This late realization can be explained by the...

December 13,2021

What can you expect from an IR technology supplier in 2021?

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Procurement divisions have always played a key role in industry, whereas the strategic value of an organization's relationships with its external stakeholders, especially its suppliers, has often flown under the radar. But those relationships have a direct impact on...