Infrared technology: three key reasons for providing effective product documentation

Infrared technology: three key reasons for providing effective product documentation

July 29, 2022 . 2min read

Technical information plays a mission-critical role in the infrared technology sector. A product's technical data sheet represents an invaluable source of information by providing clearer insights into the detector, its performance levels and how it actually works.

When manufacturers are drafting the different documents for their products, the overriding aim is to guide their customers in choosing the solutions offering the best fit for their needs and seamlessly incorporating those solutions into their applications.

Read on for some key pointers to ensure that your documentation hits the mark and the reasons why product information is so invaluable.


The checklist for effective product documentation


  • Content must be clear, precise and straight to the point so that users are given the right information.
  • The editorial style must be consistent to ensure easier reading and understanding.
  • The presentation must comply with industry standards and practices so that readers can effortlessly navigate their way through the document.


  • Product documentation must be tailored to the customers' needs and their current step in the path to purchase.


  • The appropriate method must be used for disseminating your product information:
    • At LYNRED, some types of documents (like product data sheets) are available directly on the website
    • Other documents, such as specifications, are provided during business discussions with the customer
    • Lastly, user manuals and application notes are uploaded to a dedicated, reliable and secure space, i.e. the client extranet; users can access and view the documentation anytime, anyplace, anywhere


Spotlight on the different types of product documentation at LYNRED

For each product, LYNRED provides its customers with different document types:

  • Product data sheets 
  • Specifications
  • User manuals
  • Application notes


Why is product documentation such a vitally important tool?

First of all, product documentation guides customers in choosing the right product.

Product data sheets provide an overview of the product's main characteristics and performance. They also describe the different compatible applications. Specifications drill down further into the product's characteristics and performance. Customers can use these documents to easily compare the different products available from LYNRED and choose the product offering the closest match to their needs.

Product documentation also guides customers in implementing the detector.

User manuals describe the detector and its features. They also offer recommendations on how to handle, integrate and use the detector with the aim of using the product more effectively and achieving the best results in terms of image quality. User manuals are not exclusively intended for new buyers. Experienced customers can also refer to them when they need to refresh their memory about a given feature or solve a specific problem. They are accompanied by application notes that contain additional information on specific technical points.

Lastly, product documentation plays a decisive role in the post-purchase customer experience.

Customers contact the customer support service whenever they need assistance. Effective product documentation should enable them to quickly zero in on the relevant information and understand how to use the product without any outside assistance. No user manual is capable of stopping every single call, but comprehensive documents with a clear and well-structured layout will significantly ease pressure on the customer support team while enhancing customer satisfaction.


Product documentation accompanies and reinforces the sales and technical support teams, meaning that it represents an integral part of the customer experience. These documents play an invaluable role in guiding customers when choosing the most appropriate product, implementing the detector and looking for after-sales support. High-quality product documentation creates real added value that builds and strengthens mutual trust and customer satisfaction.

To round off the product documentation, we invite you to download our free fact sheet on all the applications covered by the infrared technology.



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