September 16,2020

Thermal detectors: How to read an infrared detector data sheet

  The first step in your search for an infrared detector is usually to take a look at the product’s technical documentation. The product data sheet is a good place to start, as it provides a summary of a component’s main features and characteristics. If you don’t know...

May 07,2020

What makes the infrared market unique

The market for infrared technology is growing exponentially. Infrared technology, once used exclusively in security and defense applications, is now rapidly making inroads into non-military markets. The technology has gradually become more accessible and is now present...

May 06,2020

Five things you need to know about infrared technology

Infrared technology is making its way into an increasingly wide range of innovative consumer applications. The technology was first discovered in the early 19th century. However, it took quite some time to be able to actually use it and integrate it into marketable...