Keep your factory open during the pandemic with thermal imaging

Keep your factory open during the pandemic with thermal imaging

May 06, 2021 . 3min read

As concerns about the pandemic continue to sweep across France and practically everywhere else around the world, factories have been opening their doors in a bid to stabilize their revenue streams. This decision comes as good news, provided that the trend lasts and that factories can guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for their employees, customers and suppliers. Even though the authorities are recommending and championing homeworking arrangements, those measures are incompatible with certain activities. A prime example is thermal imaging, where some systems need to be manned inside the factory itself.

That explains why it is vitally important for factories to guarantee safe working conditions for their on-site employees and reduce the risks of contamination to a minimum. In addition, factories can harness the infrared technology to implement sophisticated health procedures with the aim of improving safety for their employees and keeping their business activities running.


Temperature detection

The main health and safety measure that can leverage the benefits of the infrared technology involves detecting high body temperatures.  Thermal sensors are capable of continuously measuring people's skin temperature in real time and detecting individuals whose body temperature is rising above normal. They play a key role is maintaining safe and healthy working conditions in high footfall areas.

These contactless sensors are the ideal solution for keeping health conditions under close scrutiny in areas where people are in close contact. The contactless technology also prevents the need to draft in a medical crew to take temperature measurements. Using thermal sensors to take temperature readings is much faster and lets employees go about their work without any interruptions.

If a temperature is found to be higher than normal, medical personnel are recommended for checking and observing any symptoms in greater detail.

Therefore, detecting temperatures with thermal sensors is an effective and non-intrusive surveillance solution for guaranteeing health and safety in your factory.



People counting

As the world currently struggles to cope with the fallout from the health pandemic, solutions are needed to monitor footfall numbers and the flow of people, as well as enforce social distancing rules. Thermal sensors with the ability to count people clearly offer a number of advantages. By counting footfall in real time, they can be used to channel the flow of people moving within the same space. These detectors help maintain a defined number of people within a given area at the same time by controlling the amount of people entering and leaving the area.

People counting solutions can also address the issue of enforcing social distancing rules by defining the maximum number of people allowed within the available space, which reduces the risk of spreading germs.

Detectors obviously respect people's privacy and comply with applicable confidentiality and personal data protection rules.

Thermal detectors are also capable of delivering effective performance when visibility is low or hampered, since they use infrared technology.

Finally, people counting systems are contactless. Detectors are simply positioned in the room and rely on visual identification. This approach reduces the risk of spreading germs by avoiding the need for counting methods that involve touching shared surfaces, such as switches.


Basic hygiene rules and regulations, such as wearing masks and frequently washing hands, may improve health and safety conditions in shared spaces, but infrared technology and thermal imaging also provide a quick and easy way of increasing safety conditions as people return to the workplace. If these hi-tech solutions are implemented, there is every reason to believe that factories can stay open, thereby allowing industry professionals to keep their business activities running while protecting their employees' health.


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