Who exactly is LYNRED? LYNRED - history in the making

Who exactly is LYNRED? LYNRED - history in the making

Did you know? LYNRED owes part of its success to history. With over 35 years dedicated to developing and honing its skills in the infrared technology, very few professionals in the thermal imaging sector can lay claim to such a high level of expertise. The LYNRED brand was created when Sofradir and ULIS merged in June 2019 and decided to distil their most sophisticated infrared skills into this new entity.

Check out this top-tier company through some of the milestones in its history:


LYNRED has established its legacy as the world-leading supplier of infrared detectors covering the entire infrared spectral band (from SWIR to VLWIR) through different technologies (microbolometers, InGaAs and MCT) and a dedicated product range for eight specific markets, i.e. defense, aerospace, security/surveillance & safety, thermography, leisure & outdoors, transportation & mobility, machine vision and optical gas imaging.

Empowered by a track record of more than 35 years' expertise, LYNRED can lay claim to a portfolio with over 680 patents in 133 patent families, while investing over 15% of its revenue in R&D.



LYNRED can leverage that expertise to support and guide its customers throughout their projects, from defining the brief through to implementing the project. Our customer service team has the skills to work effectively with your staff, from R&D to engineering. Our customer support is fully integrated into our product range, personalized and available to all customers.

As an independent supplier based in Europe, our customers are not subject to ITAR regulations. This model has forged LYNRED's reputation as a manufacturer that its customers can count on. We will present our support services in a future article.

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