The thermal imaging market for the hunting sector: the main technologies for winning over prosumers

The thermal imaging market for the hunting sector: the main technologies for winning over prosumers

November 10, 2023 . 3min read

The global hunting market has its sights firmly set on a community of expert consumers, especially those purchasing products in the high-end segment. These prosumers, as they are known, are capable of providing expert-level feedback on a given product, even though they are still considered to be private individual buyers. Therefore, brands and manufacturers need to hone their messages and tailor their product pitches if they want to win over these consumers, who are on a constant quest to procure the most cutting-edge gear available.

This is especially true of hunting equipment that incorporates the high-end thermal imaging technology, which relies on sophisticated technical specifications and selling points that the market's prosumers understand only too well. For example, they expect their thermal cameras to take their hunting performance to the next level.

So what are the main arguments and tactics that manufacturers of thermal imaging devices can use to attract this market's prosumers?

Read on for a clearer insight from the specialist in thermal detectors in France.


Value consumers as real experts

Prosumers are enthusiasts who appreciate being recognized as experts in their field. In the case of thermal imaging, prosumers have in-depth knowledge about a product's specifications and performance. They are intimately familiar with the market and its players, and they enjoy using their special relationship with its brands and manufacturers to help drive the product design process and make their needs and expectations heard.

Therefore, it is important for manufacturers to recognize their expertise and talk to them like real specialists.

In addition, these prosumers rarely see the price tag as an obstacle. They are actually willing to pay out more if it means getting their hands on the most innovative products, provided that they deliver the required performance.

Prosumers like testing and reviewing new releases and sharing their feedback with the brands.

It is a valuable and useful exercise for manufacturers to engage with these types of consumers when bringing a new product to market, bearing in mind that prosumers wield considerable influence, especially in the hunting sector where they account for a large proportion of the market's users.

Therefore, prosumers can bring greater exposure and credibility to a new product when it hits the market.

By adopting new products and innovations ahead of the curve, they allow the larger community of less expert consumers to take advantage of these innovations in the future products that will populate the mid-range segment and thereby fuel the market's growth.


Use innovation and improved performance as the key selling point

Prosumers are hungry for new products and strongly influenced by feedback and upgraded products that can help them up their game. Most of them are considered to be innovators, and this category of consumers is recognized as the first to buy new products as soon as they hit store shelves.

When it comes to engaging with this target market, it is critical to pitch products with plenty of hi-tech information, provide an accurate description of the new improvements and bring professional experts on board to explain and specifically demonstrate how a product is better than the previous version through their feedback.

In the thermal imaging market, image quality continues to be one of the top selling points among hunters. That explains why this market still relies on a use case featuring a low-contrast forest scene to show how its products can produce quality images.

Hunters are keenly interested in hearing about new and improved optical formats. They expect to see a constant increase in format sizes and are taking a growing interest in the XGA and even the SXGA format. Over the next few months, the XGA/SXGA formats are likely to enter the mainstream, since they represent the future high-end segment of the hunting market.


Prosumers of thermal imaging solutions in the hunting market have the potential to power the market's growth, since they thrive on new products and are continually on the lookout for superior performance. Therefore, manufacturers are best advised to regularly take their views and needs into consideration.

It is important to look on them as partners when striving to deliver the best response to the needs of a market where they hold tremendous sway. Some manufacturers have partnered with hunters who are sponsored to test and promote new products among their communities, which are also home to enthusiastic and expert hunters. These so-called pro staff can draw on their significant hunting experience to bolster their credibility.

Finally, prosumers in the hunting market enjoy receiving accurate and technical information to enhance their own knowledge. Expert blogs are especially suited to these types of consumers.

If you would like to find out more about the hunting market and understand how and why its hi-tech components can play a decisive role in ramping up a product's value, go ahead and download a free copy of the interview with an ambassador from Yukon Pulsar, who LYNRED regularly works with.

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