Thermal imaging: The benefits of a supplier that partners with a technology research organization

Thermal imaging: The benefits of a supplier that partners with a technology research organization

September 04, 2019 . 5min read

Both basic research and applied research aim to create new knowledge by conducting original investigations. Applied research, however, is often designed to achieve a practical objective determined in advance. In other words, applied research is what enables companies like those in the thermal imaging industry to achieve technological advances.

In the high-tech industries, it is simply impossible to innovate without the support of experienced and capable researchers. High-tech companies seeking to maintain their capacity for innovation through research often set up long-term partnerships with technology research organizations. This is especially true in the thermal imaging industry, where some manufacturers rely heavily on applied research to drive innovation.

But how do you, as a customer, benefit from a supplier that partner with a technology research organization?

Read on to find out!


1. Innovation cannot happen without research

The kind of applied research conducted by technology research organizations is crucial to the innovation and value-creation processes. Technology research organizations exist to develop new technologies and make them available to the companies that need them. These organizations bridge science and the marketplace, proving that one cannot effectively function without the other.

And, because they leverage broad networks spanning many disciplines, technology research organizations have access to a wide range of enabling technologies, further increasing their know-how and capacity for innovation.

In an industry like thermal imaging, the level of innovation is so high and the pace is so fast that companies cannot go it alone. They need the scientific knowledge and human and material resources that only a technology research organization can provide. Which is why suppliers that partner with technology research organizations are best-positioned to innovate over the long term and continue to bring their customers the most advanced technologies on the market.



2. Greater credibility

A partnership with a technology research organization gives your supplier greater credibility, making it easier to gain the trust of customers and other partners. These kinds of partnerships reflect your supplier’s awareness of the latest market trends, willingness to innovate, and desire to develop breakthrough technologies. And, in the high-tech industry especially, these are very desirable qualities in any supplier.

Finally, government-funded technology research organizations often work closely with their peers in other countries. This positions them to collaborate on research and share their findings with partners worldwide.


3. Advanced equipment and know-how

Not even the largest multinational corporation can rival the resources that a technology research organization possesses. Technology research organizations have access to the most advanced laboratory equipment available, plus industrial scale-up capabilities developed specifically to support their research. 

Additionally, these organizations boast high-level scientists generally not found in industrial R&D centers, which generally employ more engineers than mathematicians and physicists.

So, before you begin the process of developing a product with thermal imaging capabilities, turn to a supplier whose technology portfolio leverages the advances made by technology research organizations. By doing so, you gain the assurance of a partner capable of supporting your product development projects and bringing you the latest innovations.


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