Infrared technology: what exactly is maintenance, repair and operations?

Infrared technology: what exactly is maintenance, repair and operations?

September 01, 2022 . 2min read

In industrial circles, maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) is all about maximizing the availability and  performance of an organization's strategic equipment throughout the operations phase. MRO represents a major challenge in the infrared technology sector for ensuring that equipment is both safe and available for service.

The key to improving the equipment usage rate lies in the ability to swiftly detect anomalies, technical incidents and failures, and implement the necessary corrective action at the earliest possible opportunity.

Such is the mission-critical and strategic role that our solutions play in our customers' products that various tools and monitoring processes are required to simplify collaboration between all the business stakeholders involved in the projects and operations at the end user's site.

LYNRED has always believed in guaranteeing an MRO strategy for its customers. This strategy is incorporated into a bespoke customer-oriented service built upon four focus areas, i.e. maintain the supply chains, maintain inventory levels, maintain production capacities, and maintain a superior customer service.


Maintaining the supply chains

When unexpected incidents wreak havoc with supply chains, the flexibility of the company's operations teams is truly put to the test. 

The ability to maintain the supply chains builds long-lasting ties with all suppliers that may span dozens of years. This close relationship provides a clearer insight into forecasts, allows orders to be spread over time and maintains volumes with vendors supplying strategic products, such as chillers or electronics. The idea is to foster a win-win relationship with the company's partners while delivering technical support whenever needed, including assistance with R&D, characterization processes and testing.

This case study follows one LYNRED customer through yhe entire customer support process.


LYNRED customer support


Maintaining strategic inventory levels

Maintaining strategic inventory levels is instrumental in creating long-term partnerships. Keeping more products in inventory than the level required to fulfill current needs as part of the aim of temporarily overcoming a supply problem can help an organization preempt a number of situations. This strategy means determining which parts are classed as critical and defining the associated obsolescence risks. It is also important to continue quality testing during storage periods. LYNRED has developed expert-level skills in reliability studies by factoring in different production loss and performance coefficients during the storage period.


Maintaining production capacities

Taking an analytical look at a company's production capacities can help its teams effectively track quality, schedule maintenance and assign the necessary resources. Consistently servicing and updating machinery is vital to keeping production capacities at peak levels. Regular training for operators and technicians is another important part of the equation.

They must be capable of managing all the production assets and safeguarding the company's expertise at all times. Industrial maintenance is no longer restricted to the confines of what it was initially intended for and instead is becoming a major driving force for improving the quality of a company's production management processes.


Effective customer service

Competent and readily available customer support teams are a prerequisite for forging an effective and long-term partnership. Customer services are an integral part of the company's pledge to provide MRO activities. They draw on the feedback and expertise developed during the organization's various projects to offer a range of increasingly best-fit services while delivering a response to their customers' most sophisticated problems. Dedicated customer support services rely on the skills and involvement of the company's R&D experts, the production division and all the product teams. They acquire a clear and in-depth understanding of the areas of expertise available to the organization's customers, and they can harness that knowledge to support customers with all their industrial and technical development projects.


MRO represents a strategic and critical challenge for the hi-tech industries, which means rolling out leading-edge skills driven by a rock-solid organizational culture with the focus constantly on the customer, including technical advice, availability of spare parts, and involvement from experts. By incorporating all these services and areas of expertise, LYNRED has cemented its reputation since day one as a real long-term partner for its customers.

This case study follows one LYNRED customer through yhe entire customer support process.


LYNRED customer support


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